Spite Candle - Launch Inbound!!

First blog post here - I'll probably look back at this later and cringe, but here we go!

We (and by we, I mean me, and the freelance designer who I'm still trying to figure out how I should compensate for his work) are getting close to launching our first 5 candles. 

By launch, I mean I'll have them in hand (with labels, which was another wrinkle that I'll write about later), ready to ship, and I'll be anxiously refreshing the order page waiting for the first order to pop into my queue. 

The idea that started as a joint business plan, became a joke, then a small side project, is about to launch. Until now there's only a few people I've told about this idea - my parents, girlfriend, barber, and the guy who helped design my logo in exchange for a simple financial modeling tool - but soon, it'll be hitting the inboxes of my friends and family, as well as taking flight through a few (almost certainly) poorly designed ads on Bing, Google, and Instagram. 

Soon, I'll write a few more posts about the journey - where the idea came from, how my thinking evolved over time, where I stumbled, and other topics as they come up!

Keep an eye out for some ads, annoying emails, and some other poorly executed marketing tactics. Feedback is a gift - so don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, concerns, or if you just want to talk shop.




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